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Armed Forces



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Ministry of Defense


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Armed Forces


Flag of the Defense Services 2002-


Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces 2002-




Army Flag


Commander in Chief of the Army 1989-

This flag shows a sword and a spear in saltire charged with an ancient Burmese helmet


Cap Badge (1974-2002ca)


About 2002 the cogwheel-and-map emblem was replaced by the anchor-wings-star emblem of the Defense Forces in gold, on a red background.




The Myanmar Navy was formed as the Navy of Burma in 1940


Naval Ensign, 1947-1974


Naval Ensign 1974-


Commander in Chief of the Navy 1989-


Air Force


Air Force Flag 16.01.1947-1974


Roundel 1947


Air Force Flag, 1974






Chief of Air Staff 1947-74

Commander in Chief of the Air Force 1989-




Rangoon Police


Cap badge 1902-1920 ca

Cap badge (date unknown)


Burma Police

The Indian Imperial Police was the primary law enforcement in Burma until 1937, when it was split from British India.


Post WWII Star

Post WWII Cap Badge


Myanmar Police Force, formally known as The People's Police Force (Burmese: ပြည်သူ့ရဲတပ်ဖွဲ့; MLCTS: Pyi Thu Yae Tup Pwe), was established in 1964 as independent department under Ministry of Home Affairs. It was reorganised on 1 October 1995 and informally become a part of Tatmadaw.




Myanmar Police Force, achievement

Myanmar Police Force, arms (sleeve patch)


Myanmar Police Force, cap badge


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