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Ямало-Ненецкого АО / Yamalo-Nenetskogo AO


The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug was established on 10.12.1930 as an autonomous okrug for the Nenets, or Samoyed, people, although by the late 20th century they constituted only about one-tenth of the population. The okrug covers the northern part of the West Siberian Plain and the former Tobolsk Governorate. Apart from the narrow chain of the northern Urals in the west, it is a huge, level plain, covered by extensive swamps and barren tundra; in the south is stunted forest. The climate is extremely severe. Reindeer herding and fishing were the only occupations until the early 1970s, when exploitation of natural-gas deposits began. The natural-gas fields in the okrug are some of the world’s largest. Among the many deposits, the Urengoy and Medveshye fields are large producers. Salekhard is the administrative centre. 


On 10 December 1930, the Yamal-Nenets National District, a part of the Tobolsk Governorate, was changed to an Autonomous Okrug. For a long time the district was part of the Tyumen Region. The administrative center of the district is Salekhard.


The first version of the Law “On the coat of arms of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug” was approved by the State Duma of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District by Decree No. 307 of 24 December 1997. A sketch of the approved coat of arms was sent to the State Heraldry [Register]. However, the governor rejected the draft law proposed by the Duma.


On 22 November (15 December ??) 1999, by Decree No. 730 "On Reconsidering the Law of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug" “On the Coat of Arms of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug ", a new version of the law on the coat of arms was adopted in the first reading, and a sketch of the coat of arms was approved. The law was signed by the governor on 30 December 1999 (No. 59-ZAO). The Law was accompanied by a description and explanation of the coat of arms symbols.


Finally, on 26 September 2003, the State Duma of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug approved Decree No. 1050 which adopted the next version of the Law "On the coat of arms of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug" (signed by S.N. Kharyuch, Chairman of the State Duma of the Autonomous Okrug). The law was signed by the Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District Yu.V. Neyolov on October 13, 2003 (No. 41-ZAO). The text of the Law contains an official description and interpretation of the coat of arms.


The achievement is:


Arms: Azure, a reindeer (Rangifer tarandus-Cervidæ) passant Argent, eyed Gules, in sinister chief a four-pointed star Argent.

Crown: A seven-pointed crown, its central point crested with a flame Or, capped Azure

Supporters: Two polar bears (Ursus maritimus – Ursidæ) Argent, eyed and langued Gules and unguled Sable, standing on an ice floe, Argent

Motto: A ribbon Azure decorated with a folkloristic rafter-counter rafter pattern Argent, and a fess Gules in base.


Æ See illustration in the head of this article



The blue shield, as well as the blue cap of the crown symbolizes the unity of the people and the authorities of the okrug, their grandeur and the hardness of the spiritual foundations. It reflects the beauty of the northern sky and the many waters that wash the region.

The reindeer is a symbol of kindness, nobility, purity of thoughts and intentions, and most importantly of immortality - eternity, a symbol of human life and activity. In ancient legends, a deer is immortal and lives forever. The image of a deer in heraldry is a symbol of goodness, which is emphasized by the silver color, indicating purity, grandeur and nobleness.

A silver polar star indicates the geographic location of the region.

The crown is a golden ornamented diadem with seven points (five on the front side of the hoop); the middle point is crested with a golden flame.

The crown indicates the status of a state of the district. It corresponds to the governorate’s crown of  1730 but the middle point is ornamented not with a leaf, but with a flame, which symbolizes the modern main industries and the natural wealth of the subsoil (oil and gas).  The national rafter-ornament was engraved on the diadem, symbolizing respect to the traditions and spiritual culture of the indigenous population of the district.

Silver polar bears indicate, firstly, that they belong to the Arctic region, and secondly, they are a symbol of international unity, as well as strength, perseverance, respect, lack of treachery and the fact that the residents of the district are friendly with nature and respect it.


Decree 26 09 2003


Article 2. Description of the coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug.

1. The coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug consists of a heraldic shield crowned with a crown, which is supported by two polar bears. In the azure (blue) field of the heraldic shield there is a walking white (silver) reindeer accompanied in the top and left by the Northern Star of four rays of the same metal, of which the left is shorter than the others; the shield is crowned with a traditional golden regional crown of a special kind with a golden flame on the middle prong and having an azure hat; in the supports of the shield are silver polar bears with scarlet mouths and black noses and claws, standing on silver snow-covered ice floes connected by a blue ribbon, on which an ornament corresponding to the white-blue-red horizontal pattern of the flag of the autonomous okrug is reproduced.

2. Description of the crown: a gold ornamented hoop with seven visible points (five on the front side of the hoop); the front (middle) point is ornamented and completed with a golden image of a flame; the crown hoop is also ornamented.

3. Drawings of the coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug in multi-color and one-color versions are placed in Appendices 1 and 2 * to this Law.

4. The volumetric image of the coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug in a multi-color version is stored in the permanent exhibition of the State Institution "Yamalo-Nenets District Museum and Exhibition Complex named after I. Shemanovsky."

Y-N District Museum


Article 3. The official interpretation of the coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug.

1. The emblem of the Autonomous Okrug designed according to the established heraldic rules, is a kind of monument to the continuity of the history and culture of the region, it reflects its natural and climatic features and the main focus of the indigenous population of the Autonomous Okrug.

2. In the execution of the coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug, four main heraldic colors are used: blue, white (silver), red, and also the color of gold, which symbolize the following:

blue - a symbol of greatness, creation, beauty, the color of the sky and water (sea, rivers, lakes);

white (silver) - a symbol of purity, kindness, rebirth, independence, bright thoughts and intentions, the color of white snows;

red - a symbol of life and unity;

gold is a symbol of power, wealth, justice, generosity. Gold in the coat of arms of the Autonomous Okrug allegorically shows the unique northern nature, the inexhaustible wealth of the bowels of the Autonomous Okrug.

3. The reindeer symbolizes the power and independence of the territory.


The coat of arms is entered in the State Heraldry Register under No. 584.

Used materials provided by M.V. Revnivtsev

The coat of arms was developed by Sergey Nikolaevich Kharyuchi in cooperation withYuri Neyelov




Management of the MVD for the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District



Emblems of the Department of the Interior (UMVD) in the Yamal-Nenets A.O.

Большая эмблема УМВД по ЯНАО

Coat of arms

Arms: Azure, a reindeer Argent, in sinister chie a four-pointed star

Crest: The achievement of the MVD

Motto: On a blue ribbon «СЛУЖИМ РОССИИ, СЛУЖИМ ЗАКОНУ». (Service of Russia, service of the law) in golden lettering


Нагрудный знак УМВД по ЯНАО

Breast badge

Arms The arms of the larger emblem

Crest: The achievement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD).

Motto: A blue ribbon with a golden inscription: “СЛУЖИМ РОССИИ, СЛУЖИМ ЗАКОНУ” (Service of Russia, service of the law).

Badge size 46x30 mm




From 2012, the motto of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs СЛУЖА ЗАКОНУ - СЛУЖИМ НАРОДУ” (Service to the law - service to the people) was written on the ribbon of the coat of arms and on the ribbon of the badge.



The shape of the shield indicates that the emblem is a coat of arms of a territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

The shield of the coat of arms has the shape of the cockade on the headdresses of police officers of the early twentieth century. It denotes the continuity of generations of law enforcement advocates.

The arms are of the flag of the Republic of Yamal-Nenets, borrowed from the coat of arms of the A.O..[1]



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[1]  https://geraldika.ru/symbols/34553